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Celebrating a great year of service and ushering in the New Rotary Year with Immediate Past District Governor, Rotary District 9200, Eric Kimani.

It was in appreciation of the Kenya Paralympics team that the club saw fit to share with members and guests the rare opportunity it had been afforded by Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY, Kenya) to have the London 2012 Paralympics torch at the club meeting. With Kenya’s first sex therapist in the house as the guest speaker and the first photo with the London Paralympics torch as the price for raising the highest amount, a one month online fundraising campaign was set up on facebook. Members were asked to form teams of 5 or more and raise funds towards our main Community Service Project ‘A Girl A K A Year’ to enable us support 1500 girls we had adopted from various schools across the country to be beneficiaries of a year’s supply of sanitary towels to keep them in school all year without interruption during their menses. The campaign managed to raise Kshs. 309,000.00 with the winning team led by member Martha Nzisa pledging to raise Kshs. 100,000.00 and has raised 99,520.00 to date.

So far, 362 girls from Misori Primary School, Mfangano Island (115 girls); Altawoon Education Centre (50 girls); Hot Springs Girls, Maai Mahiu (55 girls), Olerai Conservancy (2 girls), Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Scholars (140 girls) have received their year’s supply of sanitary towels. The remaining distributions will take place in the coming few weeks before close of the year and will take us several journeys to Jomo Kenyatta Home for the Physically Disabled and Urban Primary School in Embu; Brydges Centre Children’s Home; back to Hot Springs Girls Secondary School and Altawoon Education Centre. Having to drop off 900 girls from the program due to lack of sufficient funds was not an easy decision for us as we did not want to see any of our girls left behind. The amazing grace from members towards the over 600 girls was appreciated by Love’s Hangovers, USA through Ms. Emily Wasonga who pledged to hold a fundraising dinner to raise the deficit to cover the 900 girls!

In its second year, the sanitary towels project will run for eight years so as to ensure that the girls adopted are able to attend school uninterrupted the entire period they are in school from the time their menses commence to the time they finish their secondary education





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With 81 participants drawn from 8 different nations representing 4 continents, 7th July 2012 saw the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central embark on a journey that would take us on a great cultural expedition transversing different destinations celebrating our cultural diversities both online and offline.  Tribe 360 is an International Service project of the club that seeks to celebrate our diversity of cultures by participants exchanging cultural information thus promoting greater understanding among people of different cultures. We believe that greater understanding of different cultures will go a long way in enhancing Rotary’s efforts in Peace and Conflict Resolution and more so this year whose theme is “Peace through Service”. The 81 participants from Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, USA, Poland, the Maldives, Italy and France formed the first Tribe 360 community that has thus far increased to 225. The project encourages young people to celebrate their own cultures and those of other people by organizing cultural events, attending and participating in cultural events as well as visiting areas of cultural significance whenever they visit another country and share their experiences through photographs, video clips and narrations.

Offline, under the project, the club has been able to organize various culturally themed events that include the official launch dubbed ‘Jungle Affair Culture Fest & Installation ceremony; a Karaoke made in Africa; a mini-Polish exhibition and quiz where four Polish research students that the club hosted for two months were able to display and take participants on a journey through Poland and taught us the Polonez dance; an Arts & Fashion Bonanza celebrating African arts & fashion; a Cultural Quiz night where the Rotaract Club of Kenyatta University emerged winners; and the first ever Rotary thematic calendar was designed adopting an African theme. The calendar gave an opportunity to some members of the club to visit over 30 Rotary clubs in Kenya and Uganda and received overwhelming support from over 170 individual Rotarians. Post cards and stickers were also designed under the project and together with the calendars boosted our fundraising and public relations efforts both in and out of the club. The project also saw a few members of the club attend and share their experiences at the Lamu Cultural Festival and Focus on Kenyan Music live performances at the French Cultural Centre in Nairobi. Sheer coincidence came in when members were witness to Past President Michael Waiyaki’s Kikuyu traditional wedding ceremony and the Rotary Club of Nairobi traditional Installation ceremony that adopted the Nigerian culture. These experiences have been enriching for participants and have enhanced our appreciation of other cultures.

Tribe 360 online community of over 225 members continues to grow everyday and even though we have not managed our target of over 200,000 members, thus far the support has been overwhelming. With a facebook page, a wordpress blog, and a You Tube video clip, participants continue to share their cultural experiences through pictures and narrations. The compilation of a 360 paged online book of cultures is underway and was the ultimate goal of the project collecting 360 cultural experiences by young people.

The project has given us an opportunity to exploit our various abilities such as in design with member Gatei Waweru being the creative behind the Rotary Thematic Calendar, the project logo and the project homemade banner. Member Otieno Nyadimo was instrumental in the shooting and editing of the You Tube video clip and was the official photographer of the culture fest which gave us the opportunity to produce postcards under the project. International Service director Charles Mwakio Emceeing came in handy at the Karaoke Made in Africa and Cultural Quiz Challenge. Tec savvy Club Service director has been instrumental in the online management of the project and has made it possible for us to have the online 360 paged book of tribes.

The Tribe 360 journey has been an amazing and enriching experience and will continue running up until 7th July 2013 and hopefully beyond that.



35 Years and still growing strong…
History is beautiful and when history is told by those who created it, it makes much more sense. It gives meaning to why we must do what we are doing right now because we too shall be challenged by those who come after us to tell them what we created that will be their history.

The first quarter of this Rotary Year 2012/13 saw the club organize for the first time not just in Kenya but the entire District 9200, an alumni dinner as we celebrated 35 years of Professional and Leadership Development, Community Service, Fun, Friendship & Fellowship. And no one would have told our history better than our founding father, Rtn. Mike Eldon who in detail took us back to our delivery room back in 1977/78 when the first borns of RCNC turned out to be Kenya’s 7th vice president, Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka and renowned lawyer Rtn. Stephen Mwenesi. And his challenge to us was for us to keep RCNC alive and to that we shall remain obliged! We shall ensure we create a beautiful history for those who come after us. The future of RCNC is certainly bright and the first issue of 2012/13 Wakati celebrates the great strides we have made in the last 35 years. Hope you enjoy your read with every turn of the page…

Wakati 35th Anniversary Issue

By Wangari Mwaniki

March 11th – 17th saw the Rotary world celebrate World Rotaract Week. As my last year in Rotaract – I hope to transfer to Rotary in a few months – I’ve been thinking about what Rotaract has meant to me in my life.

Rotaract stands for Rotary in Action which is a Rotary sponsored youth  voluntary organization focused on self development through service and fellowship. We run a variety of projects with meaningful and positive impact on society as we develop our leadership skills.

The theme for the year has been Peace Through Service which has been coincidentally in line with many of our projects this year. We just successfully concluded our national elections under much tension due to the previous post election violence and Rotary and Rotaract clubs in Kenya were not left out in promoting peace with several projects:

We are constantly reminded that we only get from Rotary what we put into it. Other than friends for life and a passion to serve, I have grown my leadership skills which have served me greatly in my personal and professional life. I may not have done much but I have done something; after all the mighty oceans are but many drops of water.

To Rotary and Rotaract the world over!

Service Above Self



Misses 5 days a month of school; 45 days of 9 months of a school year; 360 days of 8 school years between the time her menses commence to the time she completes her tertiary education! This equals 1.33 years of school missed!


Miss 7500 days in a month; 67,500 days of a 9 month school year; 540,000 days of 8 years of school between the time their menses commence to the time they complete their tertiary education. This equals to 2000 years of academic hours lost!

The little we can do will go a long way!



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The Road to Lisbon has begun. We are going land, sea and air! Join our travel teams…

No matter which detour you take whether you were part of the jungle fest in the unfamiliar territories of Olerai or you will be part of the Kenya inland entourages to Isinya, Embu, Mfangano Islands etc or whether you will cross borders to more unfamiliar territories, count yourself part of the great race to Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal!

Our local and international tourist Caroline Njoki will let us into the nitty gritty of local tourism and your role in it.

Thereafter, we shall form 4 travel teams, the team leaders who have travelled to this destinations before will give an overview of what you need from finances to the dreaded injections, the visas etc for each of the trips and the team members will device & discuss ways and means of raising funds and getting ready for the trips. Each team will be required to recruit other team members including friends in and out of Rotaract to join the trips:

The Road to the Rotaract Club of Kampala Ssese Islands Serinya Primary School Annual Community Outreach Project in the Ssese Islands. The team leader is Eric Mungai who participated in the project last Rotary Year.
The Road to the Great Ethiopian Run and twinning project with the Rotaract Club of Mella. Perhaps the greatest road race in Africa, the Great Run will give you an opportunity meet hundreds of Rotaractors led by the Rotaract Club of Mella and thousands of Ethiopians and share your diversities, network, exchange ideas and forge great friendships for years to come. The team leader is Tyrus Gichu who participated in the Great Run last Rotary year, worked with the Rotaract Club of Mella and initiated our club’s twinning with them.


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The Road to the 25th DCA. The last of it as District 9200, the 25th Rotaract Conference & Assembly shall be held at the Neptune Paradise Village South Coast and this is your chance to meet over 500 Rotaractors and over a thousand Rotarians from District 9200 comprising Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Southern Sudan, Tanzania & Uganda. This is the biggest International Service activity for Rotaract and there are myriad opportunities and endless possibilities for networking, information sharing and forging those great friendships. The team leaders for this are Otieno Nyadimo and Shiko Mbogo who have perhaps attended more District Conferences than any of us.

Over 35,000 participants attended the 103rd Rotary International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2012. Whether it will take a road trip to Morroco and a 15 kilometer swim across the Atlantic to land in Portugal or the more familiar air flight, Lisbon we must go. Where will you sleep? I don’t think we need accommodation, we can party hop the whole 3 days or maybe we can establish contacts right away and get to get hosted. Either way, Lisbon we must go. And now that we have contacts in Poland, France, Italy and Germany, what can stop us from doing the Euro Trip? Endless possibilities. Start saving now, register now. Join the team leader Alvin Kimani who is more familiar with the Europe region and Dennis Legrand who was an attendee of the Bangkok Convention and start planning now!

And those are the opportunities Rotary & Rotaract presents to you. Join a travel team of your choice and plan to be a beneficiary of these International Service adventures.

Lisbon we must GO!

The Olerai Community Wildlife Conservancy played host to the RCNC new year’s installation party. Set in Kajiado County, 20km west of the Nairobi National Park, the ecolodge provided a luscious & serene savannah landscape for our Maasai inspired induction ceremony as well as the launch of our online cultural project – TRIBE 360.

No event is devoid of its unexpected adventures as it was with one of the buses that was unable to cross the rocky riverbed 2km from the camping site forcing some to foot the rest of the journey uphill. Thank God for the fresh air, wonderful weather & inspiring scenery :-)

The installation was kicked off by lunch followed by a host of exhilarating activities which included dance demonstrations from Poland, South Africa & Maasai Warriors as well as spear throwing.

The new board was inducted against a twilight sky and set off into their first activity for the year – led by the President, Irinah Wandera – which was launching of our online cultural program – TRIBE 360. Imagine a clear dark sky with an omnious full orange moon beaming onto the lighted candles on the ground spelling out the words TRIBE 360. Definitely an image of the awesomeness that is RCNC.

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Members and guests then had dinner and enjoyed a bonfire with fantastic disco lit music to the wee hours of the morning. Despite the long and eventful night, we still manged to take a nature trail on Sunday morning after breakfast. The installation was then closed ceremoniously by issuing certificates to clubs participating in the TRIBE 360 project and shooting of a video cameo for the project.

About Tribe 360
From the meat eating ceremony by the Maasai in Kenya to the Reed Dance is Swaziland and the trooping of colors in England unto a myriad of cultural indulgences across the globe; TRIBE 360 is an international online cultural exchange program facilitated by the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central.

TRIBE 360 intends to engage young people online around the world to celebrate their cultural heritage, promote peace and understanding as well generate a wealth of knowledge – a cultural hub -  accessible to all.

Participation is open to Rotaractors, Rotarians & the general public in these ways:

  1. Original works – We will receive original entries in the form of art, music, photos, videos, essays & blog posts about your participation in cultural activities e.g. festivals
  2. Organizing a cultural activity and submitting reports with photos.
  3. Researched works – Daily updates on our blog & facebook fan page of various internet & literary works on various cultures. References & links must be provided and all photos must be credited to the owners.

Entries should be submitted via email to

Join us on:
Facebook - Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central
Twitter -       @RCNC_ROTARACT
Wordpress –

Peace through Service.


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